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Dmitry Nilov: “Academism is essential to my work”

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Postad 10 februari 2018 - 22:39

Dear classical guitar players and all others who love this instrument! Last September the article «Dmitry Nilov: “Academism is essential to my work”» appeared in one of the Russian well-known newspapers "Da capo al fine"("Igraem snachala"), that is published by the International Academy of Musical Innovations and is dedicated to the questions of the classical musical education.  Here you can find its Russian Internet version ( ). It tells not only about the musical career of Dmitry, but also about the essential problem - the developing of the performing traditions founded by F. Tarrega and A. Segovia, based on the classical hands' position.

In the opinion of Dmitry Nilov, it's very important for the developing of the classical guitar playing art in general as a part of academical musical performing. 
We are happy to announce that the English translation of this article now is available here (
Read, enjoy, share, leave your comments and questions!

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