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Postad 12 maj 2011 - 12:15

Då man är latast så kopierar jag texten från ett annat forum. Iaf spelar jag i bandet (spelar även i werewolf syndrome, tidigare lirat med Guttersnipe, Blackout, Blickpunkt m.fl.)


We are Lapdog a punk/rock/skate band from Umeå/Sweden, this post will be our default info page here on Skatepunkers.

Band started back in 1992 by the brothers Holmberg (Alexander and Christoffer).

A mini-cd was released in 1995 on Ampersand Records "Knight for a day" and we also appeared on "Salmons of hort" with bands like Millencolin, Stones, Superdong, The Fitzgeralds, Him Kerosene this also on Ampersand Records. (Recorded by Pelle Gunnerfeldt)

In 1998 we got two songs on a Bad Religion tribute "A tribute to Bad Religion vol.2" with other bands like Pridebowl, Adhesive, Passage 4, Cascade, Sober. We had picked the songs No control and God song. (Recorded at Tonteknik)

Band kinda went down now and then due to drugs and that kinda crap, but is nowdays clean as hell and happy to live and play music.

Since Alex never stopped writing songs we got big plans, we currently have recorded 14 songs that we are sending out in hope that someone want's to release us, we got CD or Digital link to send if any label is interessed.

We also want to record the CD that never came, back in 1997 there was plans for a CD and since we still have all the demos from that time, we feel it would be nice to record the songs and release it.

Lapdog also has a side/project, a Swedish trall/punk/rock project called Social Skam ( but more about that later, we also want to record the 10 songs for that..

Knight for a day 1995 line-up.
Alexander Holmberg - Vocals & guitar
Christopher Holmberg - Drums
Bengt Wahlin - Bass
Tomas Andersson - Guitar.

Members 2011:
Alexander Holmberg vocals, guitar
Tomas Andersson Drums
Fredrik Sehlin Guitar, b.vocals
Mattias Norberg Bass, b.vocals

We can be found at our new homepage: - we also got a page at Reverbnation,


Knight for a day : http://open.spotify....hBaKy20WCxmVIjj

We are currently working on releasing Knight for a day on a limited run of vinyl 7" if everything goes as planned we will have these in august 2011.

Gigs! We love to play as much as we can, drop us a line.

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