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The top 7 best acoustic guitars for under $300

Postad av Joseph Nicholls, in guitar 13 mars 2017 · 126 753 views

The top 7 best acoustic guitars for under $300 Buying the best acoustic guitar for under $300 may seem like a nightmare, especially if you don’t know what to look for. The features you must consider when buying a guitar is the quality of the wood and the quality of the strings.

#1 Yamaha FG830

It’s a classic spruce and rosewood dread with the extraordinary sound quality. The appearance of this model is among the most sophisticated ones, thanks to the abalone inlay around the sound hole and the gloss natural finishing touch on the body and neck.
Because of its special bracing, FG830 will provide you with deeper tone and better sustain. The sound is louder and stronger in the low- and middle-ranges. The new scalloped bracing pattern makes an ideal acoustic structure for this guitar model.

#2 Fender CD-60
The mahogany body gives this Fender CD-60 earthy retro look. The main feature is a classic 3-per-side headstock design, which nicely blends in the overall appearance of this guitar.
The complex and warm overtones are the major features of the sound quality of this model. With that in mind, this Fender is great for different musical styles and genres. Other features include 1.69’’ nutc width and 25.3’’ scale length.
#3 Washburn HG26SCE

This well-made Western Red cedar acoustic guitar brings such a joy to your fingers. It’s one of the best models for picking. Also, the unbelievable splashy sound of this Washburn doesn’t sit well with an amplifier - although the tone character is well transmitted, you will be losing that 3-dimensional quality of the sound.
The tone of this Washburn is well-balanced, with an equal helping of all three ranges. The best one is from the bottom E and A strings, revealing a sweet top end and a satisfying growl.
#4 Yamaha FG730S

Another Yamaha model on the list, but this time an extraordinary looking one. With a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides, this model brings the design to another level.
The scale length is a standard 26.3’’, giving you the high, middle and low ranges that you need. You can easily play it with all musical styles, because of its rich and consistent sound. Also, the strings stay in tune for a long time, which makes this guitar easy and fun to play.
#5 Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e

Strong and clean tonality with excellent build is what describes this acoustic guitar. Taylor’s Big Baby is one of the least sophisticated models regarding aesthetics, but that shouldn’t be a concern. It’s a 14-fret neck joins and has standard 25.5’’ scale length. However, the neck of this model looks extremely long and skinny, because it’s screwed directly into the body.
As for the sound, you can expect little more depth and looseness compared to the older versions of Big Baby. However, there’s a significant lack of complexity of the higher ends, and the bass ends may sound little cloudy.
#6 Bristol BD-16 Dreadnought
Well-balanced sound paired with a traditional acoustic guitar craftsmanship brings quality of this model into the spotlight. For top wood, Blueridge went with spruce and for the back and sides with mahogany. The neck is slim, with 1.69 inch nut width and rosewood fingerboard.
The standard scale length comes with 20 frets and a deep and warm tone. You can nicely hear the overtones and sound layers, even with the high end tones.

#7 Epiphone PRO-1 Plus
This is a solid spruce top for superior sound quality. The beautiful 5-layer Ivory and Black binding is a part of Epiphone’s classic design. The new EZ-profile neck is really easy and comfortable to hold. Epiphone JumboPRO frets makes the fretting notes and chords almost effortlessly to play.
The scale length of this model is almost an inch shorter from the other guitars, which makes is really easy to play. Because the strings are under the less tension, you can get a great tone without pressing it too hard. And it gives you that full vibrant sound which is a Epiphone’s trademark.

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